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Hey there!  I am the owner and founder of Event Planners Launch Academy. 

I am a nurturer at heart.  So, creating this membership to help emerging event planners start, grow and embrace the journey of owning their very own Event Planning business was a no brainer.  I’ve been there and have all the tee shirts. I’ve experienced not knowing what to do first, what to charge, and where to find resources. 

I have over 15 years of experience in the Event Planning industry.  I graduated from George Washington University Event Management program and have continued my education being trained by some of the best in the event planning industry as well as in the small business arena.

Being an emerging Event Planner, your financial resources may not be in overflow (yet) so I wanted to create something affordable. I used to offer this service for free.  What I quickly realize is, if you have some skin in the game aka money, you tend to show up and do the work, hence the minimal membership fee.

So you’re a Planner now, let’s get this party started!

I’m not your typical coach, mentor, trainer. I tend to have crazy work hours and I will let you in on a little secret........my passion for helping others makes it challenging for me to set the boundaries in my business that I will teach you to have in yours. I have a really bad case of the “I can’t help myself." So, even though my office hours might be 10 am-7 pm, it would not be unlike me to answer the occasional text or email at an ungodly hour. So let me take your hand and walk you through this amazing journey.


Yvette is our Customer Relations Manager

She makes sure your experience is one of pure joy.  She is behind the scene until it come to our live events.  She will be the one making sure everything gets done and all attendees have everything they need. She will most likely be the one greeting you at the live events. She will also be the one making sure all your online request for service are being expedited.  In other words, Yvette keeps the wheel turning and is my right hand. She so invested in your road to becoming business a owner. 


Beatrice is our Digital Marketing Strategist

She handles the online experience to make sure the website stays current and responsive.  She is our go to expert for marketing material ideas, social media management and also helps with keeping the Event Planners Launch Academy's Membership in the news via keyword management and monitoring. She is available by appointment if you need help with your business website or just need help with your marketing strategy or implementation.